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Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Emotions

Human emotion is something we all live with, but is also something we can easily take for granted.

As much as we all feel emotion and acknowledge those emotions as they come to us, we may not be considering the full effect those feelings have on our physical bodies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine places our feelings under a microscope to examine exactly how our emotional health is tied to our physical health, and the best ways to rectify one with the other.

While Western medical practitioners tend to focus on physiological symptoms rather than ‘matters of the heart’, TCM suggests that an imbalance in emotions can lead to an imbalance in our organs, with specific emotions being tied to specific organs.

For example, excessive frustration and irritability can be tied directly to an imbalance in the liver; while depression characterized by obsessive worrying can be tied to a damaged or severely affected spleen.

With this in mind, we may begin to analyze how rectifying unaddressed emotional damage may benefit our internal organs; and in turn, how rectifying damaged or affected internal organs may benefit our emotional well-being.

Below is a list of internal organs and the emotions they affect and are affected by:

HEART – Joy & Happiness

If a patient tends to experience rapid mood swings between extreme joy and severe depression, these emotional symptoms would point to an imbalance of the heart.

The heart will in turn have a more difficult time regulating blood vessels as well as your pulse.

Other symptoms include: Insomnia, heart palpitations and dizziness.


For those of us who experience rampant insecurity, feelings of excess fear and isolation, we may take these as signs of instability in our kidneys.

The kidneys themselves may be stifled in their ability to manage things like bone and teeth development, as well as hearing and hair growth.

Other symptoms include: Ringing in the ears, hearing loss, prematurely graying of the hair, hair loss and lowered libido.

LUNGS – Grief, Anxiety & Sadness

For patients who experience severe detachment and uncontrollable sadness, we may link these feelings to trouble in the lungs.

The lungs in turn may experience effects on respiration and the creation of energy in the body, as well as the ability to protect oneself from the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Other symptoms include: Shortness of breath, severe cough, low immune system, fatigue and headaches.

SPLEEN – Pensiveness, Overthinking & Worrying

Overthinking and dwelling can be clear signs of a damaged or unbalanced spleen.

Food digestion may be affected, and one may experience cloudy thoughts, loss of memory and ability to focus.

Other symptoms include: Constant fatigue, loss of appetite, loose stool and weak muscles.

LIVER – Anger & Frustration

Those of us who experience explosive fits of anger and irritation may in fact be experiencing an imbalance of the liver.

With this, the flow of blood through the body may be stifled, and nail growth and eyesight may suffer as well.

Other symptoms include: Redness in the face, bitter taste in the mouth, dizziness, menstrual difficulties (excessive cramps, irregular or heavy periods), headaches and tendonitis.

One might consider many factors when attempting to repair deficiencies in the areas mentioned above, but an especially important one to think about is your lifestyle.

Imbalance can exist very easily in our lives when we don’t pay attention to what we let affect us emotionally.

Emotions can stack up if left unresolved, leading to additional weight for our organs and heart to carry.

Releasing emotions can heal disease, even diseases which in the world of Western Medicine may be deemed as ‘incurable.’

When we block avenues for our emotional expression, we interrupt the harmony inside of us, and that will eventually lead to a physical manifestation of that interruption.

On the contrary, when we let our bodies down in terms of our physical and internal health, we will most definitely experience a shift in emotional well-being.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary 10-minute pulse diagnosis to identify the emotional and physical state of your body, we would love to help.

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