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Surviving the holiday season

The holidays are fast approaching and so are delectable treats, around the clock festivities, and often times a feeling of heaviness and lethargy from stress and over eating.

This time of year is often the hardest for people suffering with fibromyalgia, acute or chronic pain, low energy, anxiety & stress, etc. We would like to share some tips to help your get through this holiday season, with ease, joy and glory.

Over the holidays, people often find it very tempting to eat overly sugary foods and deserts. An abundance of sugar in the body causes the liver to become resistant to insulin, a very important hormone that helps turn sugar in the bloodstream into energy. Which means…your body isn’t able to control your blood sugar, thus making you more susceptible to type 2 diabetes and other diseases. Overtime this becomes s a problem.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is responsible for controlling emotions and the flow of blood through the body. The Liver is responsible for and directly related to:

EYES – blurry vision, red or dry eyes, itchy eyes, may be an underling issue that your liver is not functioning properly.

TASTE – the taste of sour corresponds with the liver. If you are craving foods that are sour, it may be your liver sending a message to your brain that it needs a boost. Including high-quality vinegar or foods like sauerkraut to diet.

TENDONS – are the tissues associate with the liver. In Chinese Medicine it is said that strength comes from the tendons and NOT the muscles. Feeling stiff and achy are often times symptoms associated with problems with the tendons.

Use these ‘signs” to re-balance yourself.

ANGER – if you find yourself getting angry, this emotion is associated with the liver. Being irritable, getting angry easily, having trouble unwinding from the day, having trouble with reasoning, having trouble going with the flow, insomnia, you may be experiencing a liver function problem. Experiencing these emotions chronically; more often than usual or on a daily basis, can seriously unbalance or damage the function of your liver.

Simple tips for everyday Liver health and surviving the holidays:

1. Routine: it is important to continue your healthy routine even into the holidays to avoid additional stress. This means, going to the gym, or practicing yoga and meditation, and eating as healthy as you can.

2. Portion Sizes & Moderation: over eating and over drinking over the holidays can come as temporary gratification and “joy”, however this often creeps up on your early the next day. Being mindful of the food you choose with controlled portion sizes and plenty of water throughout the day, can help ease the aftermath of the holidays. Eat your veggies first!

3. It's OK to say “NO, thank you”: people (especially Eastern Europeans) often feel guilty for turning down an invite, food, desserts or drinks, however keeping in mind your needs, is important. You know what your body needs, so choosing mindfully will help alleviate further stress in the holidays. Over eating leads to: bloating, anxiety, heaviness, weight gain, etc.

4. Digestive support & TCM: when you are choosing to eat something you shouldn’t have, anxiety, fat loss, brain fog happens. Choosing to take “Microgard PLUS” pellets after meals, will help reduce and eliminate these symptoms. Natural herbal remedies are easiest on the body!

5. Enhanced+ Acupuncture: Combining Acupuncture with PEMF therapy, works to stimulate the entire nervous system and stimulate all 70 trillion cells. Using centralized Acupuncture, you can specifically target the particular area of the body you are working, while the body and the cells are being stimulated with PEMF therapy. Double the dose of healing. In addition to our regular Electro-Acupuncture sessions!

6. Eat slowly & chew your food: by choosing to be more mindful while you are eating, you are allowing your body to process what is going on and making it easier to digest the food when it’s fully chewed. This mindful practice will help avoid bloating and over eating. Simple trick!

7. Take the holiday you've always wanted: Disconnecting from "reality" and daily stressors by going on vacation is extremely important. Taking a vacation can immediately reduce stress in your life and create better in your life. Reducing electronics while on vacation is a true disconnect, as EMF radiation has a crippling and debilitating affect on our cells.

The Holiday and Christmas season is not meant to derail you. Choosing your absolute favorite foods can help you avoid extra calories and sugar. A little planning goes a long away, stick to your routine and speak with your alternative healthcare professional for extra tips and treatments.

At Aculosophy we have solutions for all the problems you may be feeling. Book a FREE 10 minute Pulse Diagnosis, to figure out how different organs are functioning.

Thanks for reading!

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