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PEMF a Benefit to All of Mankind

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF) has been around for centuries and used widely throughout Europe, Asia and more recently in North America (10-15 years). The first principles were introduced in 1989 by Nikola Tesla.

There are have been MANY clinical studies that have demonstrated that Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy works by stimulating cells electrically, magnetically, chemically and physically.

NASA uses PEMF to help reverse bone loss and muscle wasting which is experienced by astronauts.

Today, in the United States, the FDA has approved PEMF in the treatment of:

· 1979 – stimulating bone growth

· 1987 – adjunct therapy for treating post-operative edema and pain.

· 1998 – urinary incontinence

· 1998 – muscle stimulation

· 2004 – used as an adjacent to cervical fusion surgery

· 2006 – depression and anxiety

· 2008 – treatment of brain cancer


Keeping it simple…

Each cell holds an electrical charge – kind of like a battery. PEMF uses pulsed frequencies, similar the Earth’s frequency, to enhance function and optimal health at a cellular level. The human is said to have something like 38 trillion cells – don’t quote me on the exact number – but as you can tell it’s a lot!

In order for the body to function at an optimal level our cells need an electrical charge. We need our cells healthy and working in order to have good health.

PEMF takes alternating current (AC) and converts it into DC, which produces a controlled intensity variation that ranges from low to high. This happens by sending the produced voltage though tightly woven coils located in the iMRS full body mat and applicators and emits pulsed magnetic field.

Electrons inside the body are stimulated, with each pulse and the electrically charged cell membranes of each is pulled gently. Cells relax in between pulses. Many call this cellular exercise, much like someone jumping up and down. This process works to intensify the intake oxygen and nutrients, while dispersing toxins within the cell.

Cellular Effects of PEMF:

· increase cellular energy levels & oxygen levels

· improves intercellular fluid & blood flow

· stimulates the production of ATP

· promotes cellular healing

· stimulates inter cellular communication

· stimulates electron transport in cells

Biological Effects of PEMF:

· accelerates cell growth

· substantial pain relief

· promotes faster healing of injuries & bone growth

· accelerates tissue repair

· reduces fibrous tissue formation

· reduces swelling and inflammation

· stimulates the release of endorphins

The affects of PEMF on the body seem to be endless and with more and more studies being conducted on this amazing therapy, more and more people are able to live without pain, amongst other things. iMRS by Swiss Bionic has changed many lives and can surely be a contribution to yours!

Aculosophy is a PROUD distributor of iMRS Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF therapy devices! To learn more, please feel free to contact us or click here fro more info.


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