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The magic of TCM Bone Broth & its Benefits

Bone broth has been used as medicine, by almost every culture, for centuries. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that food is medicine. In North America the expression "You are what you eat" is commonly used to describe this. When bones are simmered for hours (we recommend from 24 - 48hrs) the gelatin and collagen breakdown and infuse into the broth, thus creating  soothing, protein and mineral-rich healing and restorative liquid with positive impact from the womb to old age. Oh,  and it's delicious and truly magic!

Here are just a few common TCM bone broth benefits: Repair Cellular Damage & Builds Blood  -To avoid deficiencies blood is replenished throughout the day, without blood we cannot function -Bones are filled with bone marrow and easily extracted when consuming as bone broth (which is cooked on low heat for 24-48hrs)

Improves bone health, joint pain, arthritis (reduces inflammation) -Due to the marrow, collagen and gelatin content -Reduces inflammation because it contains: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, etc. The chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are compounds typically used in arthritis reduction supplements.  Nourish the Kidneys (as well as the liver, lungs & spleen) -TCM believes that Kidneys govern the bones, thus making them the root of life. Also making it highly beneficial for people suffering with osteoporosis. -Bone marrow in the broth improves the vitality of the kidneys and it's rich Omega 3 content  

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