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How to survive the winter blues & SAD?

Winter time can be a tough time for many, especially here in Canada, as winter seems to drag on and on and on. Season affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression related to the amount of sun you are exposed to and an estimated 2-3% of the population is seriously affected by it.



Here you will find some helpful tips to help you fight those blues & SAD:

* Ensure you are taking a high quality Vitamin D supplement (stop by the clinic for some recommendations)

* Get some PEMF therapy! PEMF is a simple way to mimic the field of the Earth and helps reduce mood disorders (anxiety & depression), reduce inflammation, boost energy, reduce pain, promote healthy digestion, etc... What is PEMF therapy?

* Get Acupuncture! - Help move blood through the body, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and pain! How does Acupuncture work? Check this video!

* Get suitable, high quality supplements from your Holistic Nutritionist or herbs from your TCM Practitioner. This will keep you safe during all seasons.

* Seek light therapy - Daily exposure to bright light (phototherapy) may help balance certain brain chemicals and reset body rhythms.

* Eat balanced healthy meals- balanced diets during the cold season will prevent further inflammation and irritation in the body, keeping your immune system STRONG! *Extra tip* Drink bone broth as it is extra nourishing during this time of year.

* See your friends and family - this is an easy boost!

* Keep active & go for a walk. A daily walk is helpful an easy way  for coping with the winter blues, even indoors places, like the local mall, a gym, Toronto's aquarium, IKEA, the Science Centre, or by simply joining MEETUP where you can browse your area for local activities and meet ups, etc.


If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, weight gain, low libido, increased sleepiness, irritability, inability to concentrate, etc. At Aculosophy we have a number of modalities & programs in place, which we use to help reduce or relieve these symptoms.

Do not feel trapped or stuck, help is here. Book your appointment today or contact us today for any questions that you may have.

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