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Holistic Healing with Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM)

Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM) is a relatively modern advancement to traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy.

As the original form of acupuncture medicine was developed in China back in the 1930’s, the use of electricity in physical healing may date back further than most people realize.

In fact, our entire planet is being struck by lightning roughly 1000x per minute, resulting in large amounts of electrons being stored in the soil beneath our feet.

When we touch the earth directly, these electrons flow through the body and neutralize any unpaired electrons (referred to as free radicals) that carry the threat of damaging the cells, proteins and DNA within the body.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles limit our time and exposure to the natural and necessary interactions with the earth.

(Think about it – how much better do you feel after a beach vacation?)

By combining ancient medicine with the natural healing qualities of the earth, electro-acupuncture is able to influence the body’s internal creation of healing and pain-relieving hormones.

This alternative to prescription medication maximizes the body’s innate ability to re-balance, replenish, and heal itself.

By opting for prescription medication, the brain perceives the excess of opioids in the blood and central nervous system as an indication to shut down its internal production.

Eventually, the body will become reliant on these prescriptions as it will eventually lose its ability to secrete the necessary hormones to heal itself naturally.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM)?

- Chronic/Acute Pain

- Inflammation

- Headaches

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Insomnia

- Fatigue

- Stress

- Allergies

- Neurological Disorders

- Muscle Spasms

- Paralysis

- Holistic Sports Medicine

- Golfers Elbow & more.

How Does Electro-Acupuncture Work?

The procedure for electro-acupuncture treatment depends on the combination of optimal factors:

1. Needle Placement

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), illness is the result of improper blood or “qi” circulation throughout the body.

Using traditional methods of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture introduces the use of electricity to help stimulate self-healing hormones within the body.

2. Frequency

A portable battery device allows for manual manipulation of the body’s hormone production.

Depending on the ailment being targeted, a variation of 0.5 HZ to 40 HZ may be applied to elicit the necessary pain-relieving reactions.

3. Amplitude

The frequency and intensity of the vibrations are adjusted to meet the optimal needs of the condition being treated.

4. Time

With much stronger and continued stimulation than traditional acupuncture, EAM treatments take a shorter amount of time.

The standard treatment may last between 10-20 minutes, rarely ever exceeding half an hour.

5. Dosing

Although the sessions may be shorter, electro-acupuncture therapy is able to stimulate a larger area than the needles would on their own.

While 1 treatment session may have lasting effects for days to weeks, 3-5 treatments in a row can actually trigger an increase in the body’s ability to secrete healing endorphins for weeks to months.

What Does It Feel Like?

The monitored electrodes provide a gentle, humming vibration that can be felt as a slight pulsating or twitching sensation.

The experience is often very soothing, although the patient will likely adapt to the stimulus within a few minutes.


Electro-Acupuncture medicine is restricted from patients who are pregnant, experience seizures, wear a pacemaker, or have a history of stroke or heart disease. An acupuncture therapist will also avoid crossing the spine, needling into unhealthy body tissue and providing EAM to patients with cardiac hardware.

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If you are interested in learning more about Electro-Acupuncture Medicine and would like to receive a complimentary 10-minute pulse diagnosis, we’d love to help.

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