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5 Health Benefits of Acupuncture for Seniors

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have a long history of providing health benefits to elderly patients.

With a gentle and natural approach, Eastern Medicine is gaining popularity amongst our Baby Boomer generation as they transition into retirement.

As these preventative and corrective forms of therapy create balance within the body, acupuncture is able to treat a variety of health concerns without the cost, risks or side-effects of prescription medication.

Health Benefit #1: Acupuncture Provides Natural Pain Relief

Pain relief is the number one reason that most patients seek acupuncture treatment. From chronic back pain to arthritis, finding an effective treatment option can be a frustrating task.

Acupuncture therapy has successfully treated a variety of pain symptoms by easing inflammation, relieving discomfort, reducing swelling and increasing the amount of pain-relieving endorphins within the body.

Health Benefit #2: Acupuncture Improves Circulation

By influencing the movement of blood or “qi” throughout the body, acupuncture is able to direct the flow of energy or circulation to specific areas in the body.

As elderly people are at an increased risk of peripheral neuropathies in the arms and legs, the ability to encourage blood circulation to the extremities can not only decrease the experience of symptoms, but improve quality of life.

Blood circulation is the body’s internal mechanism for health and well-being, therefore acupuncture is able to strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself from a variety of physiological concerns.

Health Benefit #3: Acupuncture Can Provide Emotional and Psychological Support

Traditional Chinese Medicine perceives the body and mind as one collaborative unit that have an important influence on one another.

As many elderly patients suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia, acupuncture is able to induce feelings of peace and relaxation.

By using specific acupuncture points to flood the body with “feel good” endorphins, many psychological studies have proven a significant improvement on mental health and well-being through acupuncture treatment.

Health Benefit #4: Acupuncture Can Reduce the Need for Existing Prescription Medication

Every year, hundreds of thousands of elderly patients visit the emergency room in response to medication problems.

As a variety of prescription medications can create addiction, dependency and even adverse side-effects, the more medication a senior is prescribed, the greater the risk.

While acupuncture therapy focuses on strengthening the body’s internal mechanisms, TCM is able to create a state of balance (or homeostasis) within the body while decreasing the necessity for prescription interference or risk.

Health Benefit #5: Acupuncture Can Improve Digestion

Stomach health is an often-over-looked aspect in geriatric healthcare.

While the body depends on a variety of nutrients and minerals for optimal health, failing to nourish the digestive system can result in a limited ability for seniors to absorb what they need from the food they eat.

While regular acupuncture therapy is an effective all-natural treatment option to reduce symptoms of ingestion following meals, combining acupuncture treatment with the use of Traditional Chinese Herbs can play a large part in improving digestion and stomach health.

By opting for natural, alternative methods of healthcare, elderly patients are able to find relief from physiological complications without the risks or side-effects of prescription medication.

If you are interested in learning more about Acupuncture Treatment for Elderly Patients, or would like to receive a complimentary 10-minute pulse diagnosis, we would love to help.

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