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6 TCM Tips to Surviving the Seasonal Changes

The human body is deeply connected to the natural world around us.

The beautiful fall season brings a lot to be grateful for - from the cool, crisp air to the

changing of trees, family time and reflections to warm, hearty meals. For others, the fall might represent a season of:

  • Allergy flare-ups

  • Frequent Colds and Flus

  • Cold Fingers and Toes

  • Weakened Immune System

  • Sleep Adjustment Problems

  • Skin Problems (such as eczema, psoriasis and rashes)

  • Asthma and other lung issues

  • Arthritis pain

  • Seasonal depression, sadness and/or grief

  • Constipation, diarrhea and/or bowel irregularities

  • Challenges with letting go of the past

With the drastic changes in climate, we often forget to prepare ourselves for the impact that these seasonal changes might have on our bodies as well.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the human body is deeply connected to the natural world around us. As seasonal transitions can impact even the healthiest of people, it is highly beneficial for us to adjust the way we live in accordance to the seasonal changes to not only optimize our quality of life, but to better protect ourselves against the risk of illness.

Here are 7 easy tips to nurturing our bodies for better health, rest and harmony throughout the coming seasonal changes:


With the days becoming shorter, we become more aware of the fact that “there just isn’t enough time in the day”. Take this opportunity to sit back and revisit your priorities versus the amount of time and energy you devote to them.

As we re-direct our outward energy inward during the fall months, take the time to self-reflect, spend more time with loved ones, de-clutter your living space and review your finances. This will leave you feeling fresh and organized!


Although simple and straightforward, this important point is often overlooked. With the dryness of fall, our bodies are especially craving the nourishment of hydration.

By increasing our daily intake of water, soups and teas we can better prepare against the risk of dehydration, dry skin and constipation that often come with the fall months.


Just as the animals hibernate during the cold seasonal transitions, our bodies require more rest as well. In TCM, it is recommended that we adjust our sleep cycles to that of the sun. If you are feeling worn out a bit earlier these days, do not be afraid to get an early night’s rest!

Your body and mind will thank you.


Fall is the perfect time to enjoy some warm, nourishing meals.

As the weather cools, eating raw and cold foods put a strain on our body’s ability to digest and keep the body warm.

When this energy is redirected to warming our meals, our bodies have a harder time protecting us from the risk of cold and illness!

By eating cooked/warming foods and ingredients (such as soups, root vegetables, garlic,

cinnamon and onions, to name a few) our bodies are provided with the nutrients we need to

maintain a healthy and balanced immune system.


As the fall is deeply associated with our lung organs, strengthening our breathing habits can

greatly benefit our physical and emotional well-being.

Whether it is through meditation or a walk in the fresh, fall air – take the time to deeply inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

To strengthen this activity with intention, imagine the oxygen distributing nourishment

throughout your body with each inhale, and the release of all stress and tension with each exhale.


Among a long list of medical benefits, electro-acupuncture medicine (EAM) can directly boost our immune systems, decrease pain, improve sleep, release congestion and tonify our lungs.

By incorporating this all-natural therapy into your healthcare routine, we can help the body

maintain the homeostasis required for optimal health and wellness.

With December just around the corner, be sure to use the remainder of your healthcare benefits to support you during the cold months ahead!

If you are interested in learning more about how Electro-Acupuncture Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can improve your quality of life this fall, please feel free to contact us at for more details!

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