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5+ Reasons to Try Cupping

Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures and certainly may be trendy, however it is not new. In Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping is a treatment that can provide a pleasant experience, by applying glass, silicon, bamboo or earthenware cups on your back or other body parts to create a suction.

When suction is applied this helps to disperse and break up stagnation and congestion by drawing congested blood to the surface.

The philosophy of cupping and pain comes from the old Chinese saying “Where there is stagnation, there will be pain. Remove the stagnation, and you remove the pain.” Simple! And we like to keep things simple, this simple method will help break up blockages to restore the body’s natural flow of energy.

The type of cupping, is determined by your TCM Practitioner, the most common types of cupping performed, are with glass, silicon or suction cups.

Cupping helps to:

1. Reduce pain naturally (it’s non invasive and drug free)

2. Helps reduce inflammation or “heat” (great for injuries, acute or chronic pain relief)

3. Promotes blood flow & circulation

4. Helps to remove toxins by stimulating the lymph

5. Works wonders for people with the flu, colds, coughs

6. Promotes relaxation

7. Promotes wellbeing

During your session and when cups are applied, you will feel a tight sensation where the cups are placed. This sensation is often times described as comforting and relaxing. Your TCM practitioner’s assessment of your issue/problem and your ease, will determine whether cup may be moved around or left in one place. Cups may remain on your body for a short period of time or longer, depending on your problem and the practitioner’s assessment.

TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturist are extensively trained in meridians or channels of the body and anatomy. Cupping causes temporary marks on the area where applied and can last up to 10 days, however is rarely ever painful.

When done by a trained professional, cupping is safe, and is beneficial. This natural and alternative healing therapy for pain relief, inflammation, injuries, the common cold or flu and even relaxation is something worth trying!

The Healing Room

For more information, please contact our clinic: or visit our website. Our clinic is located in the Village of Islington of Etobicoke near Islington subway station.

“Acupuncture and cupping, more than half of the ills cured,” – Chinese Proverb

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