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1. Print & Complete this form              before your appointment


2. Wear loose clothing

Being comfortable is essential for your treatment. Loose clothing will also leave room for tricky areas for the practitioner to get to.

3. Be sure to eat

Try not to be hungry before your appointment – being hungry is no fun, nor is blood sugar levels. Eating light foods like vegetables is recommended. However, not immediately before your treatment. Leave at least an hour before.

4. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar before and after your treatment (2-4hrs)

The less influencing factors you have in your system the better.

5. Don’t rush

Staying calm is important, don’t rush – be safe and plan ahead.

6. Turn off your cellphone

Your treatment is a time for you to unplug and unwind, also avoiding distractions will allow for complete relaxation.

7. Avoid wearing makeup

For your initial consultation especially, avoid wearing makeup. A component of your examination the practitioner will need to do a facial analysis.

8. Bring a list of your supplements & medications

We recommend you bring this list or complete the intake form prior to your visit. A large component of Traditioanl Chinese Medicine is herbs and some herbs and drug interactions are not recommended to be taken at the same time.  

9. Don't forget your completed forms!

10. Most importantly...Relax….enjoy….& allow the healing to flow. 

Things to keep in mind

before your treatment