Natasha Covic, CNP
Certified Nutritional Practitioner & PEMF Consultant

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Natasha works as an educator,  coach and co-founder at Aculosophy.


Having graduated with Honours from the Holistic Nutrition program at Vancouver’s Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN), Natasha also offers online coaching and consulting to clients from around the world.


Natasha’s greatest passion is educating others about the basics of proper nutrition, EMF exposure's (cell phones, Wi-Fi radiation, Cell phone towers, etc) and ways to stay protected, benefits of PEMF therapy on the body and how to counter EMF exposure and teaching her clients how to tap into their bodies for natural, holistic healing.


As a loving mother and wife, Natasha continues to develop her passion for nutrition, drawing from her personal experiences with health struggles and learning how to overcome those obstacles.


An inspiring example to all who know her, Natasha and her family live a balanced, peaceful lifestyle, integrating her knowledge of health and nutrition into their daily life.


  • Computer System Technician, George Brown College
    Toronto, ON


  • MediConsult (PEMF) Health Technician 
    Oakville, ON


  • Hot stone Therapy Massage & Aromatherapy,
    Gina's College
    Mississauga, ON 


  • Holistic Nutrition Diploma
    Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Vancouver, BC 


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